How to Avoid Paying More Than Necessary on Special Event Rentals

Special event rentals are commonly used when hosting a birthday party, a wedding reception, a corporate event and more. They can provide you with everything from tables and chairs to a sound system, a dance floor and other necessities. While you may need special event rentals to host the perfect event, you understandably do not want to pay more than necessary on your rentals. You can avoid paying more than you need to by following these helpful tips.

Shop Around for the Best Rates
As a first step, you should make a focused effort to shop for the best rates. It can be time-consuming to request multiple quotes. This is because you will have to carefully relay your usage dates as well as the full list of items you need to rent each time you request a quote. While this can be time-consuming and even stressful, it will inevitably help you to find the best deal available and to save money on your rentals.

Consider Delivery Fees and Charges
When you have numerous special event rentals planned for your big day, you must have a plan for transporting those items from the rental store to your event venue. Some will pick up their items, and there is a cost associated with this. For example, you may need to rent a truck to get everything to the desired location. Others will request that the items be delivered. Some rental stores offer free delivery, but others may charge you a rate based on the number of items you need. This can inflate your total cost for your rental items.

Pay Attention to Lease Terms and Late Fees
It is also important to focus your attention on the lease terms and late fees. You will need access to the rental equipment several hours before the event starts. You also need access to the items several hours after the event ends or even through the following day. This allows you ample time to set up your venue as well as to clean up after the party or event has ended. Many rental lease terms have rigid start and end dates and times, and there are often late fees that you are subjected to if you return the items late. You want to negotiate an effective lease that provides you with ample time to clean up the facility and to return the items after the event ends.

Special event rentals are a critical component to many types of events. If you are planning to rent equipment and supplies for your next event, focus on these important points. These tips will help you to avoid over-spending on your rentals. There are additional resources at Hart Entertainment, which may help you learn more information.