The importance of magnesium chloride in industries is notable. It is commonly applied in many sectors due to its large presence and its cheap acquisition costs. It is used in road gritting to ensure dirt is cleared. It is also beneficial in clearing dust in building sites and roads. The applications of this compound are immense based on its properties that allow its use across all industries. Its hygroscopic nature allows it to be applied to dusty places to hold the dust on the ground. By doing so, dust particles are not able to escape to the air.

Magnesium chloride is used to form an ingredient used in foods. It forms a powder called tofu by mixing with soymilk. It is evidently important in the culinary sector. It is also added to formula milk fed to babies. It is a compound added to most foods sold to consumers and acts as a mineral supplement.

Plants need several minerals for growth. Magnesium chloride provides magnesium to plants to correct deficiencies in mineral content. Its use in farming is important since it is majorly used to replace magnesium sulfate. It is a preferred compound due to its high availability in the environment; this makes it reliable.

Magnesium chloride is an effective disinfectant used in treatment. It is now commonly used in preventing tissue damage despite its initial introduction as an antiseptic. The rise in its preference has been due to the prices associated in acquiring the compound. It is cheap and convenient to use hence can be easily administered as a treatment alternative. Some developments in its use include its application in crustaceans, oysters, and cephalopods as an anesthetic. It is also important in treatment of nutrient deficiency in humans. Chloride enables digestion by producing hydrochloric acid. The benefits of magnesium chloride are impressive. It is used as a solution to cleanse wounds on the skin.

Fire management
It has been used in the production of fire extinguishers. It is an important component in the making of gaseous extinguishers. Magnesium hydroxide reacts with hydrochloric acid to form a liquid used in extinguishers when combined with water. Companies that make fire extinguishers find this compound as critical to survival of their products.

Textile manufacturing
It is commonly used as a dye and as a compound in removal of waste in manufacturing industries. It does not only provide a cheap option but is also readily available for industrial use. It is used in printing mills to treat water and waste products.

Cement production
Magnesium chloride is used in the form of flakes in oxychloride cement. It is also available in pellets majorly used in winter due to easy distribution.  Additional resources can be found at Innovative Surface Solutions.